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FitRick is here for all your fitness equipment needs. Our #1 goal is to get and keep your up-and-running with your physical fitness. Problems do occasionally occur, and it's no fun to have a machine that is not in working order. Contact us today for any of the following inquiries pertaining to your exercise equipment.

Just purchased a shiny new machine? Be sure to contact us to assemble your equipment. Our expert technicians will safely and efficiently put your equipment together.

Moving your equipment? Our technicians make the process easy. We offer commercial and residential disassembly services when you need to remove your fitness units.

We offer on-site repairs and preventive services when needed. Complete our online Service Request Form to request an appointment.

Preventive maintenance servicing helps to keep your equipment in top condition, decrease downtime, and prevent major equipment failures. Cleaning, lubricating and making adjustments as well as replacing worn parts are all necessary to ensure the safety and reliability of your equipment.

Think there may be a problem with your equipment? Contact FitRick today and we will help figure out any issues that may be hindering your fitness progress. A diagnosis is the first step in resuming your exercise- health journey. If your machine requires new parts, we are more than happy to assist with that, too!

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